Domestic Helper for Singapore

Principal / Employer

.SGD 580


Female23 Years Old and AboveMinimum of 1 Years ExperienceFilipinoAt Least High School Diploma


POEA LIC. -171-LB-092019-R

G/F & 2/F Accent Tower No. 33 Shorthorn St. Proj. 8, Quezon City


Email address:

Call us @ (02) 8352-2192; 8352-2193;

Contact Numbers: 0927-849-6618/ 0949- 410-4160

POSITION:  Domestic Helper



** Gender: Female

**Age: 35 years old and below

**At least high school graduate

** can speak and understand English

** with or without experience



*Passport (valid for 2 years) 


*Pictures (passport-sized, with white background, newly taken)

*NBI Clearance (6 months validity/ Multi-Purpose Clearance)

*PEOS Certificate

*E-Registration Services  (

Kindly send your CV and scanned copy of your documents to our email and apply to our website

If you have friends/colleagues please refer them to us . For further information, feel free to contact any of the contact details specified above.

We will be glad to be of service to you & appreciate your immediate response.

Thank you very much & God bless! 


115 thoughts on “Domestic Helper for Singapore”

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